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First Fruits Fasting

What are First Fruits?
* It is giving or offering to God the first part of an offering such as animals,
   tithes, gifts, fruits that Israel had. God wanted the first part which is the
   best. (Proverbs 3:9; Matt. 6:33 - Principles of First Fruits to God)
* The first Tuesday - Thursday of every third month we will fast from 6a-
 Giving the Lord the first fruits of every third month and every Thursday

Fasting Scriptures: Isaiah 58:3-12.

What is Fasting?  
* To abstain from food, to cover the mouth, and to turn our focus toward

Fasting Instructions   
1. We will fast from 6a-6p from sun up to sun down.
2. While fasting pray and stay prayer minded. Why? So you can hear from
     God. (Judges 20:26-28; Nehemiah 1:4)
3. Try to read the Word as much as possible.
4. If you watch TV, let it be Christian Programs.
5. If you take medication, don't stop during the fast.
6. After six, you can eat. Eat lightly.
7. Devotional time should include singing songs to the Lord and being quiet
     and still in His presence.
8. Don't tell people you are fasting unless necessary. (Matt. 6:16-18)

Our Prayer Focus
1. Justice, the president and his administration, viruses, church, and America
2. More of the presence of God at our church and in our lives.

What to expect during the fast?
1. Supernatural visitations from God (dreams/visions). (Dan.9:3, 20; Acts 10:30)
2. A heart transformation to seek God and repentance. (Joel 2:12-14 - rend your heart)
3. God will deal with sin in your life.
4. Your inner man will become strong.
5. You will sense closeness to God.
6. You will experience weakness in body and may have a headache/dizziness. (2 Cor.11:27 - Apostle Paul)

People Who Fasted in the Bible
1. Israel: I Samuel 7:6 - one day. Caused Israel to hear from God.
- Pharisees: Luke 18:9-14 - twice a week
    - Apostles: Acts 13:2 (ordination) 14:23 (planting churches)
    - Saints: I Cor. 7:5; Matt. 6:16-18
    - Mordecai & Esther: Esther 4:1-3
    - Jehosophat: 2 Chronicles 20:1-3 (for direction)
    - Jeremiah: Jeremiah 36:6 (Fasting Day)
    - Joel: Joel 2:12
2. Esther 4:14-16 (3 days/3 nights) She was going to see the King
- Ezra 8:21-23; 10:6 3 Days
    - Paul: Acts 9:9 3 Days
3. David 2 Samuel 12:15-20 Praying for the child of Bathsheba for 7 days
4. Soldiers with Paul  Acts 27:33-34  for 14 days
5. Daniel 9:3, 20-23; 10:3 for 21 days
6. Moses  Exodus 34:28; 9:18 for 40 days
    - Elijah:  I King 19:8  for 40 days
    - Jesus:  Matt. 4:1-11  for 40 days

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