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2023 Prophetic Forecast

1. I see God birthing new ideas, new way of ministry, and new ways of doing things in this house. 2019-2022 were years of labor. 

2. The spirit of the reaper will come in the church.

3. I see God speaking loud and making His will known like never before. Take heed to to what we hear.

4. I believe it is time for prophetic promises to come to pass. 

5. I see people bound by the spirit of mourning (sackcloth and ashes) rising up and putting on the garment of praise.

6. I see the saints and God's people having and ownership spirit - owning lands, houses, and property.

7. I see the spirit of release and giving like it was in Acts 2:43-47. The Spirit of God will be released for seasons of giving and great blessings.

8. I see the spirit of God breaking forth with miracles, with souls being saved and returning to God's house and the church returning to the book of Acts.

9. I see a spirit of vindication and vengeance of the Lord coming on evil and wickedness of men.

10. I see the light and glory of God coming in the earth and people coming out of darkness and deception. (Isaiah 60:1-4)

11. October 22, 2022, started the year of Jubilee. I see a release of bondages of debt, slavery, and people being released. It will be with the sounding of the trumpet. (Leviticus 25:9-13)

12. I see the rain coming. There is a spiritual drought in the land God's wants a harvest. (Acts 2:16-20)

13. I see the spirit of Joseph coming on the church. God will release the Ephraim and Manasseh to forget the pass and be fruitful in the land of Egypt.

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