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2022 Prophetic Forecast

1. The year of uncanny manifestation of God's presence.

2. I see the remnant church like a spiritual rising up and being a force in the earth. It's being birthed now!!!

3. The battle will increase for the church. The saints will have to stay suited up and full of faith.

4. The Spirit of Restoration will be in the church with a spirit to advance the Kingdom.

5. Great moves of the Spirit of God will come on hot spots where the fire of God is.
6. I hear God saying He is going to reposition people. Those who hear God and move will receive God's blessings those who do will stay stuck.

7. I see people hungry for the will of God.

8. The church of the Lord Jesus will arise and begin to preach holiness, living a life free of sin, carnality and having the fear of the Lord.

9. There will be a manifestation of angelic activity.

10. There will be a continual purging in the church with a separation of light and darkness. (Psalms 24:3)

11. God will manifest His Kingdom authority with miracles, signs, and wonders.

12. We are in the times of the end not the end of times and satan is pushing his agenda to control nations. 

13. There is coming very soon a time when you wont' be able to tell the church from the world.

14. The spirit of division will grow greater in the church and the spirit of persecution will continue to grow.

15. God will expose darkness and the church will not recognize it unless you have a heart to hear truth like it was in the days of Noah.

16. Dreams that were seemingly put on hold will start to manifest this year. The Josephs will be positioned. 

17. New business investments and entrepreneur strategies will come forth this year.

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