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2020 Prophetic Forecast

1. I see real good times - an outpouring and great awakening - coming and challenging times for the Body of Christ. God will use it to position us.

2. The world will grow darker, gross darkness, more evil and wicked especially TV and movies. Genesis 6:5 - the church will be filled with glory, power, and celebration.

3. I see violence in the earth with a restlessness and tension. (Genesis 6:11)

4. I sense the forces of darkness are behind the scene trying to pass wicked laws to force enslavement and to set up the beast system. I saw God uncovering the eyes of His people to expose satan.

5. The spirit of anti-semitism (important pray to Israel & Jews attacks) against Jews and hatred for believers, betrayal, and the spirit of Judas will manifest in the church.

6. There will be a greater manifestation of demonic realm, false, counterfeit preacher and leaders will be exposed by the light - some will go home.

7. The spirit of partying, rioting, and drugs will increase as satan tries to seduce/control the masses. I saw rioting because people wanted there way for sin and pleasure. Also eating, drinking, and marrying. (Matthew 27:37)

8. The system will target our kids. The system wants to control our kids. We must pray.

9. I saw Jesus movements popping up. They would lift up the name of Jesus, non-traditional, non-religious focusing on Jesus and lifting Him up - Kanye West. (Mark 8:38-40; Matt. 7:20; Acts 5:34-39)

10. I saw the church learning how to ride the seasons of celebration that will come - victories in areas we have been waiting for healings, financial miracles. They will come from us getting a word from God strategic sewing. The spirit of giving will breakout.

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